Storytime: Tattletale

I got ten out of ten on my math test last week. Dad promised if I got perfect, he’d buy me a stuffed animal. So I named her Angel, and she came with me everywhere.

Mrs. Spehar taught us about letters today. I filled a whole sheet of paper with the word “dirb” until my teacher told me it’s spelled “bird.” I also learned how to write my name, Michelle with a big M.

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Storytime: The Sunflower Girl

It’s the third week of grade one. I know three people: my brother, Aaron, his friend, Allie, and my neighbor, David. But I only ever saw them on the bus because the grade fours aren’t allowed to play with the grade ones at recess.

I sit on the cold leathery seat behind the bus lady. The window beside me jabs my shoulder every time the lady turns the wheel, but I don’t mind. I watch the bus’s shadow outside paint the light gray road to charcoal as we drive to my school. The playground sits in between my school, the big brown rectangle with a blue line across the top, and my school’s church, the big brown triangle with pretty windows.

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