How To Have a Good Day

Whether it’s a cloudy day or you just burnt your family’s Thanksgiving dinner, read this post and I will (hopefully) help you forget about it.

Scene 1:

Monday, 6:30 am. You wake up to your brother barging in your room and taking your last pair of white ankle socks, leaving the drawer and bedroom door wide open. You check your phone, no texts. So you close your eyes and rest your mind. Your body’s relaxed, your feet numb into nothing. Then you get hit with the sudden urge to pee.

And you’re like:


The rest of your day is horrible. You’re running late, and grab the raspberry smoothie your Mom left for you on the counter. You get mad because she knows you don’t like seeds, but you take it anyway and head to school.

When you get to class, your teacher assigns an essay due the week of your birthday. You roll your eyes and stare at the pink sock on your left foot and the white sock on your right. Your outfit isn’t up to your standards and you are not happy about it.

Scene 2:

Monday 6:30am. You wake up to your brother opening the door to find a pair of socks in your drawer. It’s his big job interview this morning and you know he’s trying to raise money to help the family, so you let it slide. He rushes out and you check your phone. No texts, but you notice a Polaroid picture sitting on your night table, a funny one of you and a friend, and you giggle. There are only 15 minutes until your alarm goes off, but you’d rather get a head start, so you get up and wash your face.

You go downstairs and notice a note on the fridge as you turn on the TV. “Mich, smoothie’s in the fridge! Xo.” The raspberry smoothie on the counter is actually for Dad, and your banana smoothie was left in the fridge because Mom knows you wake up later.

You head to school and your teacher assigns you an essay the week of your birthday. So you take out your planner and dedicate a weekend to write your essay. You look down at your socks, which still don’t match, but you don’t care that much anyway.

* * *

The only difference between these scenes is the change of attitude. And unfortunately, it’s so easy to be the grouch from Scene #1. Think about it, it takes no effort to complain, and people do it a lot. And because of this, the failure rate is higher than the success rate in everything. 

However, our goal is to be happy.


We all want to be as happy as that cup stacking girl on Youtube.

So, I’ve created a short guide on how to maybe be as happy as her:

  1. Wake up early, don’t hit the snooze button.
    I read once that if you hit snooze, it’ll be harder for you to wake up, and you’ll be less productive throughout the day. Have you ever tried this?
  2. Have a good breakfast.
    Get some protein and fiber in your stomach in the AM. Your energy levels will be high and your digestive track will thank you.
  3. Think positive.
    Change your thoughts into positive ones. If you do that, you change your actions. And your actions will determine your happiness.
    Thoughts -> Attitude -> Actions -> Results -> Lifestyle.
    Side tip, my Dad once told me: “Deal with it or don’t complain about it.” Tell me your favourite motivational quote down below!
  4. See people you like.
    These people will bring out the best in you.
  5. Do physical activity.
    Don’t even think about it, just go. It’s good for your mental and physical health.
  6. Treat yourself.
    You’re allowed to spend money and eat a cookie (or a whole Chinese Buffet) here and there.
  7. Get a good night sleep.
    Rest is important for things like stress, weight, mental health, and proper body functioning. 8 hours is the goal.

Do these things and you will change your life. There will be days when you have to put others before yourself, or you have to use a little more muscle to smile, but the happiness you win makes it all worth it in the end.




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