10 Ways to Feel Better After a Bad Day

You wake up and knock over the glass on your nightstand, fall down the stairs, and coincidently have no gas left in your car to get to work. Bad days are sometimes inevitable, but luckily, there are numerous things you could do to turn your bad day into a good day. That’s why I’ve compiled a researched list of 10 ways to feel better after a bad day. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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Storytime: Tattletale

I got ten out of ten on my math test last week. Dad promised if I got perfect, he’d buy me a stuffed animal. So I named her Angel, and she came with me everywhere.

Mrs. Spehar taught us about letters today. I filled a whole sheet of paper with the word “dirb” until my teacher told me it’s spelled “bird.” I also learned how to write my name, Michelle with a big M.

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On November 11th, Remember This

My Background

Two of my great uncles, Bernie and Art, and one of my great aunts, Alice, gave up their ordinary life and part-time jobs to join the Canadian forces during the Second World War. Bernie was mainly stationed in England, although he was assigned to fight in Sicily and North Africa as well (read more about him here). Art was part of the group who liberated the Dutch in Holland in 1945 (read more here). Alice was a sergeant of the Canadian General Staff who was stationed in England along with Bernie in 1941.

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Caterpillar Brows & Social Vows

In grade 5, I didn’t like how tall I was.

I used my long legs for track and the basketball team. I was the fastest girl in my grade for the 100-meter sprint. My basketball coach used me for blocking all the other team’s shots.

But I didn’t like how tall I was.

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How To Have a Good Day

Whether it’s a cloudy day or you just burnt your family’s Thanksgiving dinner, read this post and I will (hopefully) help you forget about it.

Scene 1:

Monday, 6:30 am. You wake up to your brother barging in your room and taking your last pair of white ankle socks, leaving the drawer and bedroom door wide open. You check your phone, no texts. So you close your eyes and rest your mind. Your body’s relaxed, your feet numb into nothing. Then you get hit with the sudden urge to pee.

And you’re like:

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